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Brand and deploy your own
enterprise-grade cloud today.

High-performing, next-gen IaaS suite delivers
epic profit and savings for IT solution providers.

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All clouds are not created equal.

· 50%+ data center footprint reduction (power/hardware)
· Wholesale pricing up to half off AWS rates
· Up to 1000 times standard Amazon server performance

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Breakthrough Technology

Our alchemy of hyperconverged architecture + extreme design
efficiency is a game-changer for deploying premium cloud IT.

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Award-Winning Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform for Cloud Solution Providers.

  • Grow Revenue

    Grow revenue from existing clients and capture new market segments by gaining a cloud competency.

  • No Capex

    Why risk huge capital expenditures building your own cloud? Relax, we already built an enterprise-grade cloud for you.

  • True White-Label Solution

    Take the credit and be an IT hero for your clients with the ability to rebrand and deploy our platform as your own.

  • Secure, Stable and Scalable

    Fully redundant architectures and rapid fail-over systems enable  industry-leading SLAs and secure, mission-critical deployments.

  • Time to Market

    Minutes instead of months, reap the many benefits of moving to the cloud today with less resources and more savings.

  • Composable Platform

    Leverage existing network connectivity and data center capacity with multitenant, Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud support.

Case Study: AAPT Limited

Q: How did leading Australian telco, AAPT, quickly add best-of-breed Cloud infrastructure to their high-traffic network?

A: AAPT leveraged OrionVM’s Wholesale Cloud Platform to deploy enterprise Cloud services for truly remarkable CAPEX savings and speed-to-market.

Nick Pachos

“OrionVM enabled us to launch world class Cloud IT with an ROI simply not achievable via traditional approaches.”

Nick PachosHead of Carrier ManagementAAPT Limited

OrionVM Praised by Experts & Industry Leaders

Gordon Bell

“OrionVM has built their Cloud platform the way it
should be built – extremely efficient architecture
that enables high performing, scalable solutions that are
the most cost-effective.”

Gordon BellTech Luminary, OrionVM InvestorProfile
Graeme Reardon

D-Link has successfully worked with OrionVM since 2012. The OrionVM team has held true to their reputation of high performance and quality service.”

Graeme ReardonRegional Director of D-Link, Australia/New Zealand
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