Wholesale Cloud FAQs

About OrionVM White-Label Wholesale Cloud

A. OrionVM Wholesale Cloud is a hyperconverged hardware/software IaaS suite that enables service providers to set up and manage public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions on OrionVM’s proprietary, custom-built infrastructure stack. Our highly efficient and innovative architecture reduces the datacenter (power/hardware) footprint by over 50%, and is hosted in leading global datacenter locations, or, can be deployed in a client’s own datacenter/premises. Channel partners now can launch a branded cloud offering in days, with rapid deployment of virtual servers running a range of operating systems (including Windows and Linux). A robust 24/7 self-service web portal simplifies administration/configuration, and provides partners the ability to bill per second and easily/effectively scale IT services to meet the fluctuating demands of their end-users and/or customers. In short, the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform is a complete, turnkey solution that delivers cost-savings, performance, and technical features that are unmatched by any other current cloud vendor/service.

A. With OrionVM Wholesale Cloud, service providers can:

  • Set up private, hybrid, or public clouds in minutes, using libraries of pre-configured, customizable virtual server templates;
  • Host multiple virtual servers with different operating systems in complete isolation from one another;
  • Customize virtual servers, resources, templates, users, billing, and more through an intuitive control panel;
  • Migrate virtual servers near-instantly to maximize use of server resources and minimize downtime for users;
  • Scale to match demand and minimize cost;
  • Save energy and make best use of available resources;
  • Leverage out of the box, white-label support to easily re-brand the platform as their own, with custom domains, branding, and rate-cards.

A. OrionVM Wholesale Cloud does not invoice your end customers; however, it does manage the entire process of setting prices for cloud resources, calculating billing information, and exporting it to your billing engine. OrionVM Wholesale Cloud has been integrated successfully with several third party services (e.g. Stripe for Merchant Facilities, Zendesk for Support, etc.) through our open API, and if you use a different package (or an in-house system) we’ll work with you to build integration for it. Our system allows you to set up a custom rate card per customer, while our API allows you to easily extract usage data and integrate our platform with your user sign-up/billing workflow.

A. You can bill for the following resources:

  • Virtual Server resources: virtual servers memory and CPU, templates, customer networks
  • Data Storage: disk size, performance tier, replica count.
  • Network Resources: IP address, data received/sent, private cross-connects
  • Backup Resources: backup storage, cross region storage

You can set resource limits along with prices, configure trials and demo accounts, set max resource limits, and choose which regions and performance tiers your customers have access to in your cloud. Together with OrionVM’s granular user permissions system, this lets you create cloud hosting services tailored for the precise needs of your customers – and your business.

A. OrionVM Wholesale Cloud is designed to allow you to customize the look and feel of your solution to represent your own brand identity. You can skin the control panel through our administration portal. Rebranding our system to make it your own is a matter of uploading a logo, setting a color scheme, and setting up a custom domain. You can also use integrations to customer/billing portals and manage OrionVM services that way; or, with the OrionVM API, you can build a completely new front-end to you OrionVM cloud, or integrate OrionVM with some other control panel or front end. We are able to assist with customization and integrations if required. Please contact us for further information.

A. No, OrionVM delivers its cloud product as a complete hyperconverged platform, designed to reduce the burden of maintaining hardware and managing the cloud orchestration and virtualization layers. We are able to support a hybrid model to interconnect our cloud platform with existing networks/hardware deployments to allow you to leverage pre-existing hardware if required.

OrionVM offers instantly deployable cloud infrastructure to its customers from its public point of presence in North America and Australia.

OrionVM Public Points of Presence (PoPs)

New! Equinix ME1 – Melbourne, VIC, AustraliaME1 – Data Center Specification Sheet
Equinix SY2 – Sydney, NSW, AustraliaSY2 – Data Center Specification Sheet
Equinix SY3 – Sydney, NSW, AustraliaSY3 – Data Center Specification Sheet
New! CoreSite SV1 – San Jose, CA, USASV1 – Data Center Specification Sheet
Equinix SV2 – Santa Clara, CA, USASV2 – Data Center Specification Sheet
AT&T DC1 – Ashburn, VA, USADC1 – Data Center Specification Sheet

OrionVM Private and Hybrid Points of Presence (PoPs)

OrionVM also offers global Private and Hybrid cloud deployments for customers wanting the fastest and easiest solution for deploying their own enterprise grade cloud platform in their own Data Center or on their own Network.

We are steadily expanding our global infrastructure across Public, Private and Hybrid PoPs to help our customers achieve lower latency, higher throughput, and to ensure that their data remains in the exact place they have specified.

As our customers grow their businesses, OrionVM will continue to provide cloud infrastructure services that meet their global requirements.

Wholesale Cloud Pricing
A. OrionVM is a wholesale cloud provider with wholesale pricing up to 80% off equivalent services from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCE. The actual discounted buy price is a factor of the size and duration of cloud capacity purchased. Our mission is to empower our partners to remain competitive in the market by 1) generating profitable recurring cloud revenue streams, 2) deliver superior products in terms of performance and resilience, and 3) maintain brand control over the complete end user experience. Our pricing varies depending on geographic region, performance tier, and your requirements. Please contact us to get exact pricing and discuss further. 

A. We are happy to discuss your needs and unique production environments, so please contact us. We can build custom deployments that fit your specific requirements.

Wholesale Cloud Security

A. OrionVM has effectively addressed cloud security hurdles with a wide range of enterprise clients from government agencies and Tier 1 telcos to big pharma and publicly traded SaaS organizations. After years of working through the rigorous compliance requirements these customers demand, OrionVM has honed a set of best practices and internal procedures to successfully support high-traffic, mission-critical public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments. Please see our recent blogpost and security statement to learn more.

Wholesale Cloud Partner Support and Marketing

A. Most OrionVM partners choose to take advantage of an OrionVM “partner success package” complete with sales, billing, integration basics and technology training. OrionVM believes that our customer’s success is our success. We know that partners need go-to-market help, sales and marketing assistance and training, and we are continually adding new layers of support to fuel their success.

A.  Simplicity is our goal—partners can choose from several options when it comes to account setup. They can choose a complete white label solution to make the OrionVM wholesale cloud platform their own, complete with their own branding. In this scenario, they buy the resources from OrionVM and define their markup and any other add-on services. Most partners then bill the customer directly and they pay OrionVM for the resources. However, if they want to leverage the brand and reputation of OrionVM in the cloud industry and utilize a “powered by OrionVM” tagline on the product, there is also a customer referral model.

A. OrionVM offers a turnkey and flexible cloud platform, allowing partners to launch their new cloud offering within minutes. The platform offers many layers of customization that can be tailored to fit your needs. We focus on allowing our platform to be customized to fit your business model, rather than the other way around.

A. OrionVM is a self-service system offering simplicity, reliability, and industry-leading profit margins. OrionVM’s wholesale cloud platform is also a turnkey solution, giving partners a rapid time to market. What’s more, OrionVM was designed with resellers in mind so they can customize every component to their needs, such as billing, custom branding, etc. OrionVM partners earn higher margins (30-50+%) than if they were to build their own cloud platform, or even as opposed to using other traditional cloud models. This is especially important to consider in light of the recent price wars between large public cloud retailers such as Google and AWS. These pricing-cuts put more pressure on small/mid-market solution providers and integrators to deliver financially competitive solutions. With OrionVM, partners can deliver cloud services (computer, storage, and networking) well below the cost of incumbent options while still earning significant profit. They also gain the advantage of less complex terms, conditions, and pricing limitations when compared to competing cloud providers.

A. As a trusted partner of OrionVM, we will be working together to deliver a great outcome/solution for your end users/customers. To ensure we are able to deliver a high level of quality, we have outlined a split of roles and responsibilities below:

Roles and Responsibilities

Role OrionVM Partner
Sales X
Marketing X
Sales Assistance X
Marketing Assistance X
End-User Pricing X
Launch Strategy X X
L1/2 Support X
L3 Support X
Hardware Deployment X
Network Deployment X
Cloud Platform Deployment X
Customer Onboarding X
Customer Integration X
Ongoing Platform Maintenance X
Capacity Planning X X
Capacity Deployment (Growth) X
Billing Usage Tracking X
Invoice Generation X
Payment Collection X
WholesaleCloud Technology and Operations

Please visit our Technical FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions about our cloud technology.