About OrionVM

Founded in 2010, OrionVM is a wholesale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. We have developed a revolutionary hyperconverged tech suite (virtual storage, compute, orchestration and virtual networking) to enable the delivery of high-performing and highly reliable Cloud solutions at market-leading price/performance ratios. Our supercomputer-inspired design and enterprise-grade architecture allows clients to scale operations while dramatically reducing capital expenses and IT support costs.

Company Overview

Wholesale Cloud Superstructure

There is a lot of spin and hype in the Cloud industry. Every week brings more announcements about this or that new service or vendor.  But sometimes, something truly game-changing and disruptively innovative comes along. The OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform is that game-changer. We are turning the traditional world of IT management on its head. Our hyperconverged IaaS platform is so powerful, yet so easy to deploy, no provider of Cloud services can afford to ignore it. We have engineered our compute, storage and networking components with such a high degree of efficiency, exceptional cost-savings emerge at every level of the tech stack. And most importantly, because of this efficiency, we actually deliver on the often cited, but rarely fulfilled promise of the Cloud.

Proven Leader, Global Clients

Everyday, hundreds of top organizations rely on OrionVM’s technology for mission-critical, enterprise-grade operations.  Our technical vision represent a fundamental advancement for Cloud 2.0 infrastructure, and inspired tech luminary, Gordon Bell, to become a company investor and evangelist. Global customers include publicly listed telcos, managed service providers (MSPs), and leading enterprise SaaS companies.

International Offices & Presence

OrionVM’s headquarters is in Sydney Australia, with US offices also in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We are rapidly expanding to multiple locations throughout the world in 2020.


Awards and Recognition

OrionVM has received praise and recognition from various leading business and technology organizations, including: