OrionVM and J-Squared Partner to Deliver a Seamless, High-Performance Hybrid Edge-Cloud Experience

Hybrid solution empowers edge devices to work in synergy with cloud workloads, offering the best of both worlds 

San Francisco, Calif., December 11, 2023 6:00 AM ETOrionVM®, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider and cloud computing pioneer, and  J-Squared Technologies Inc., a global leader in providing ruggedized computing hardware solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership that combines the power of OrionVM’s next-gen cloud technology with J-Squared’s FALC-AI line of edge-native compute platforms. The joint solution provides flexible, scalable cloud architecture coupled with high-performance and low-power small form factor edge solutions designed for environmentally harsh and technically challenging deployment environments.

Industries including construction, transportation, mining, and agriculture, regularly operate in environments with limited connectivity due to remote locations or unreliable network connections. These environmental and business complexities, as well as today’s resource-intensive AI deployments, require scalable, cloud-connected and high-performing edge workloads. Joint use of the same state-of-the-art acceleration technology at the edge and cloud results in tangible benefits such as reduced software complexity, faster processing, and lower latency. This tightly coupled integration avoids common deployment challenges that result from mismatched architectures and enables uninterrupted operations. 

“This collaboration answers an exploding need from private and public organizations of all kinds—a seamless experience between remote edge devices and cloud resources for a single, integrated computing and storage solution,” said Andrew Woollard, CTO of J-Squared Technologies. “Flexibility, including a range of ruggedized hardware options, is baked into the offering, powering a broad range of complex AI applications, from mining vehicle fleet management to smart city traffic management deployments.”  

The OrionVM and J-Squared partnership delivers key AI deployment benefits:

Enhanced Accessibility: Developers can deploy and manage AI models effortlessly across both cloud and edge devices, streamlining accessibility and usability.

Optimized Performance: The amalgamation of cloud resources and edge devices results in optimized AI model performance, delivering faster processing and reduced latency.

Unified Ecosystem: A cohesive ecosystem allows for seamless synchronization between cloud-hosted AI models and edge devices, ensuring uniformity in data processing and AI inference.

As businesses of various industries increasingly need to process large sets of data and harness the power of resource intensive solutions such as AI or ML, they need efficient and cost effective ways to bring cloud and edge technology into the fold,” said Daniel Pfeiffer, COO and VP Partnerships for OrionVM. “We are excited to incorporate into our partner ecosystem the rugged and secure edge solutions that J-Squared has pioneered.”

The joint solution for streamlined AI deployment is commercially available now. For more information on the OrionVM and J-Squared offerings, please visit https://www.orionvm.com/edge.  


About OrionVM:

OrionVM is a next-gen cloud innovator underpinning key business objectives. Their award-winning cloud infrastructure helps clients transform their cloud strategy to easily address a new generation of technical and business goals  today: everything from AI and ML integrations to secure and enterprise-grade elastic cloud solutions that can scale on-demand.  OrionVM’s technology supports private, public, hybrid and bare-metal cloud deployments and offers a one-of-a-kind technical advantage thanks to a heritage in High Performance Computing (HPC) and a purpose-built stack leveraging InfiniBand. OrionVM MicroPoPs are a fully managed turnkey cloud appliance for data centers, SaaS organizations and IT service providers. They allow clients to reclaim control of their cloud environments and gain flexibility, performance, and cost-savings not possible via incumbent vendors. MicroPoPs can be completely white-labeled, from the web portals through to the API documentation. This enables partners and resellers to launch premium cloud services, all under their own brand, and to locations unserved or ignored by other cloud providers. OrionVM gives businesses the freedom to move from legacy hardware models to cloud-first, as-a-service environments and currently powers thousands of global cloud solutions for Fortune 500 companies, leading MSPs and top-tier data centers. More information can be found at https://orionvm.com. Connect with OrionVM on LinkedIn  


About J-Squared: 

J-Squared Technologies Inc. has over 30 years of experience supporting and supplying the North American electronics marketplace. Each of our divisions offers specific skills and services to address our customers’ product lifecycle requirements; from conceptualization, design, build and test to long-term in-service product support. Our core principle to exceed customer expectations, combined with our focus on continuous improvement, has resulted in extensive success across a wide range of industries and markets. For more information, please visit www.jsquared.com. Connect with J-Squared on LinkedIn.