Making the “Sweet Spot” Even Sweeter – TidalScale Partnership Announcement

2017 is proving to be a breakout, exciting year for OrionVM with our announcement at the 2017 OCP Summit today. We are providing cloud enabled large DRAM tiers. Why is this important? Besides for the cool geeky tech stats of enabling multi-terabytes of DRAM in a single VM, we are also opening new solutions for the booming arenas of Big Data and analytics.

Through this unique partnership with TidalScale we will give organizations struggling with Big Data, analytics and memory-intensive computing challenges on-demand access to a suite of TidalScale Software-Defined Servers ranging in capacity from 1.3TB to 13TB of DRAM and up to 400 cores. The large-scale Software-Defined Servers are assembled from standard physical server hardware running on the OrionVM Cloud Platform. These instances are far larger than any available from ordinary cloud vendors, yet they are available at a lower cost per gigabyte of memory.

There are some datasets that are better processed in 1 large chunk of memory, as opposed to being sharded across multiple nodes.  Applications now can scale-up to new heights and achieve greater time to insight and analyze the massive amounts of data being generated by ecommerce sites, physics-model rendering, and FinTech services –  just to name a few of the industries that will see an immediate benefit from this innovative technology.

For more details on the partnership please read OrionVM’s CEO Sheng Yeo’s guest blog post here.

Stay tuned for more announcements and an ongoing series of blog posts that will dive deeper into the positive business and technical implications of this groundbreaking joint offering.