OrionVM & TidalScale Unveil Unprecedented Performance for Big Data and Analytics via Cloud-Enabled Large DRAM Tiers

Unique technology partnership provides on-demand instances far larger than those available from ordinary cloud vendors

2017 Open Compute Summit, Santa Clara and San Francisco, Calif., March 7th, 2017 TidalScale, the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers, and OrionVM, an award-winning next-gen Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, today announced a partnership to deliver hosted TidalScale Software-Defined Servers via the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform.

This partnership will give organizations struggling with Big Data, analytics and memory-intensive computing challenges on-demand access to a suite of TidalScale Software-Defined Servers ranging in capacity from 1.3TB to 13TB of DRAM and up to 400 cores. The large-scale Software-Defined Servers are assembled from standard physical server hardware running on the OrionVM Cloud Platform. These instances are far larger than any available from ordinary cloud vendors, yet they are available at lower cost per gigabyte of memory.

TidalScale’s HyperKernel™ software empowers OrionVM to easily aggregate processors, memory and storage into very large virtual servers. These Software-Defined Servers can flexibly scale to match the requirements of essentially any application, with no changes required to application software or operating systems.

Working closely with OrionVM, TidalScale is now able to provide an on-demand model for their Software-Defined Servers. This partnership allows for the easy deployment of traditional cloud infrastructure alongside the high memory TidalScale instances, all tightly interconnected by a high speed, low latency network.

“Through this partnership with TidalScale, we are now able to deliver very large memory virtual machines on demand by leveraging our Metal-as-a-Service products bundled with the TidalScale HyperKernel,” said Sheng Yeo, CEO, OrionVM. “The ability for OrionVM to use standard servers and assemble them into a Software-Defined Server of any size allows our customers to easily scale their application past the boundaries of a single physical machine – and well beyond the limits of servers available from AWS. The TidalScale HyperKernel on OrionVM’s Wholesale Cloud Platform makes it easy to run memory-intensive applications like data mining, machine learning and simulation in the cloud.”

“TidalScale’s ability to pool physical servers into a single virtual server is unique in the industry and provides breakthrough performance while requiring zero modifications to applications,” said Gary Smerdon, CEO, TidalScale. “Making the TidalScale service available via OrionVM’s innovative cloud technology will significantly reduce friction and complexity for a wide range of clients by eliminating the need to purchase their own hardware and manage a datacenter. This is by far the most cost-competitive solution available for running memory- or core-intensive applications natively on systems that well outclass ordinary servers.”

To learn more about the TidalScale offering, click here to schedule a free demo. TidalScale is a sponsor of the 2017 Open Compute Summit and will be exhibiting Wednesday and Thursday, March 8 and 9 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

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About TidalScale, Inc.: TidalScale is the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers that simplify the way companies can apply computing resources to tackle big problems. TidalScale solutions deliver in-memory performance at any scale, are self-optimizing, use standard hardware and are compatible with all applications and operating systems. TidalScale is making it possible for more organizations to draw insights from big data faster, more easily, and with greater flexibility than ever before. Find out how TidalScale transforms the economics and time constraints of working with big data at http://www.tidalscale.com.

About OrionVM: OrionVM is a wholesale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. The company’s revolutionary technology suite (virtual storage, compute, orchestration and virtual networking) enables the delivery of high-performing, highly resilient cloud solutions at market-leading price-to-performance ratios. The OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform supports private, public, hybrid & bare-metal cloud deployments and is built either for internal consumption or resale. Global customers include tier-1 telcos, publicly listed SaaS companies, and government agencies. The OrionVM company headquarters are in Sydney, Australia and in the San Francisco Bay Area. More information can be found http://orionvm.com


TidalScale Contact: Chuck Piercey, Product Management, TidalScale, Inc. +1-650-492-6108

OrionVM Contact: Daniel Pfeiffer, VP Marketing & Partnerships, OrionVM +1-415-805-8030