OrionVM Platform Updates: New Dashboard Graphs, ISO Upload Tool, & more…

We’re excited to announce some cool new enhancements & features for the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform. Please read on for a brief description of the new features.

hubspot iso copy.png
Utilization Graph_1-1.png

Dashboard Charts & Graphing (Admin)

  • Admin charts/graphs – The new ‘Dashboard’ tab allows you to quickly visualize all resources provisioned, and track bandwidth consumption. The new tab, in the Admin portal, also enables partners to seamlessly send out emails to all of their resellers/end users.

Windows Server 2016 (Admin)

  • The highly requested Windows Server 2016 template is now live & available to provision on the platform. To make this template available to your end users: navigate to the ‘Resources’ tab in the Admin portal, select ‘Disk templates’, click the gear icon for Windows Server 2016, and select enable.

End-User Graphs (End User)

  • Usage graphs which gives end users a visual representation of their VMs Disk I/O and CPU Utilization have been implemented. You can access this information by clicking the ‘Usage’ tab on a selected Instance or Disk.

ISO Import Tool (End User)

  • Our developers have created a tool that removes most of the manual work that was required when you wanted to create an Instance from an ISO CD/DVD image that was not officially provided by OrionVM. You can now, with a few clicks of the mouse and a copy + paste, import those ISO images from publicly accessible URLs into the OrionVM platform through the ‘Instance creation’, or ‘Disk creation’ menus in the End User portal.
    For detailed steps click here.

Disabling Open Signups (Admin)

  • A highly requested feature by many of our partners has been the option to disable open signups at the End Users portal. Partners are now able to remove the signup button from the End User portal by disabling the option in the ‘Signup’ tab of the Admin portal, under the ‘Branding’ section.

We are always looking to improve the platform and welcome your feedback, ideas, and new product feature requests:
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