We’ve sure been busy these last couple of years, as those of you following our company would have witnessed. In that short time we’ve expanded our global footprint to include new data center locations, welcomed new channel and technology partners to our ecosystem, and seen significant platform growth. Your success is ours, and it’s reflected in the numbers. Over the last two years of the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud platform we have seen an impressive 600+% growth of virtual server instances deployed. And to top that, an increase in disk usage of over 750+%.

This continued platform growth is attributed to the projects and programs that wholesale cloud enables, and the unparalleled customer support and hands-on approach that our platform gives SMEs. As Business Computing World recently covered, while we may be seeing impressive revenue numbers of the big six cloud providers, for the SME market what will matter for many is having a personal relationship with their provider, one that provides a strong SLA and customer support and flexibility to meet their unique needs.

The flexibility and performance of the platform has facilitated this rapid growth across many verticals, from network providers and VoIP telephony, to large-scale document management and graphics rendering (see www.orionvm.com for case studies). Please stay tuned for more publications and collateral that highlight how OrionVM’s tech has been leveraged by partners to build and deploy a wide range of innovative and compelling cloud solutions.

Thank you to our talented team of employees, partners, and clients for being part of our growth story!