OrionVM is proud to be sponsoring @bhyvecon

For the first time, OrionVM is a proud sponsor of bhyvecon, the premier industry event for BSD hypervisors. This is the first year its operator Michael Dexter is taking it abroad from Japan and AsiaBSDCon, hosting the inaugural North American conference before BSDCan in Ottawa.

OrionVM solutions architect (and BSD advocate!) Ruben Schade has been to two bhyvecon events, in 2018 and 2019, and will be joining the web stream for this year’s second conference.

bhyvecon brings the best minds behind BSD virtualisation together to discuss project progress, make announcements, and brainstorm ideas. Operating systems and topics range from FreeBSD/Illumos bhyve, FreeBSD Xen, OpenBSD vmm, and NetBSD Xen/nvmm/haxm. OpenZFS also garners significant discussion, being among the key building blocks for a number of FreeBSD bhyve deployments.

OrionVM has been a keen participant in the BSD community for many years. Ruben gave a WIP talk at AsiaBSDCon 2019 on the progress made with our BSD templates on our InfiniBand-backed wholesale cloud infrastructure.

We were the first public cloud in Australia with FreeBSD and NetBSD OS templates, which are officially supported on peer with Linux and Windows Server. FreeNAS and pfSense appliances store large datasets and protect critical client networks, and we’re seeing renewed interest in BSD as a high performance, resilient family of general purpose cloud servers. AsiaBSDCon also renewed Ruben’s interest in an OpenBSD template which may come out in beta later this year once his work with NetBSD devpubd integration is complete.

We look forward to the conference! Full schedule details are on the bhyvecon website.