On the Road with WatchGuard. A Cloud Security Discussion.

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for the OrionVM team as we’ve wrapped up several events across the US and Australia with our technology partner WatchGuard. Our executives and engineers presented our Wholesale Cloud IaaS offering alongside WatchGuard at their All-In event to packed rooms of senior executives, sales, and marketing from IT providers and businesses using WatchGuard. We also got to meet many of our partners who have been able to leverage the OrionVM cloud with WatchGuard to deliver advanced network security solutions. 

There is a new secure way of bringing virtual instances to market. As we announced earlier this year, a newly bundled WatchGuard FireboxV offering enables channel partners to quickly and easily gain cloud competencies on our IaaS platform that also boast the latest, best-in-breed security offerings. 

Among the discussed challenges was how IT providers will secure workloads as the industry shifts from an on-premise hardware model, to delivering subscription-based cloud services. We explored the current landscape of the cloud market today and highlighted a few of the advantages of working with OrionVM and WatchGuard.

The OrionVM Wholesale Cloud platform seamlessly integrates into these deployments, as if our platform was architected specifically with WatchGuard in mind. It achieves this in three key areas.

  • Superior performance. WatchGuard has been thoroughly optimized to run on OrionVM, compared to other public clouds. It is a fully supported template offered on the platform to all partners.
  • Simplified network configuration. OrionVM does not impose Network Address Translation (NAT) on interfaces like every other cloud provider. WatchGuard behaves like a physical appliance with public IPs directly on their NIC, simplifying deployments and allowing easy configuration imports. Engineers at the conferences admitted this was the killer feature.
  • Elegant and flexible topologies. OrionVM networks operate on OSI Layer 2, allowing colocated hardware and OrionVM cloud servers to share the same network without additional routers. A virtual WatchGuard appliance can be deployed to protect your entire infrastructure: physical and virtual.
  • Cost-effective deployments. Private transit is unmetered between the OrionVM cloud and private networks, including cross connects, colocated hardware, and MPLS. And without additional routers or virtual servers to mesh Layer 3 networks, you save on deployment costs.

For channel partners selling cloud and security services, the channel-only play for WatchGuard and OrionVM meant they’re both complementary services.

Want to know more? We have a bundled OrionVM Starter Pack with WatchGuard starting at $499 for $1,000 Credit with no on-boarding fees and optional WatchGuard Basic Security suite. Visit us here for more details and to schedule a call.