Windows Server 2019 & Template Lifecycle

Windows Server 2019 is now available a fully supported template on the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud platform. This template includes our full integration suite allowing for live attaching and detaching networks, and free private networking. The latter is especially useful for those partners who want to use a managed firewall such as WatchGuard to protect their infrastructure.

Windows Server 2008 R2, Ubuntu 14.04, FreeBSD 10.1, and Debian 7 are also being deprecated from the 1st of June. These operating system templates have never versions available for provisioning.

We always recommend partners deploy the latest officially supported versions of operating systems for security and performance. Customers requiring these older templates can retain them by cloning them in their organizations before the cut-off date.

For more information on what’s new in the Windows Server 2019 please refer to Microsoft documentation or go here.