FreeBSD 13.0-R now available

The OrionVM Wholesale Cloud platform now proudly supports FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE as an OS template. Partners can now enable this template for their customers in their Cloud Administration portal under the Templates tab.

Existing 12.x template users can upgrade using freebsd-update or building a new world. Refer to the Handbook for details.

Version 13 is a spectacular release of this Unix-like operating system. It includes a rewritten routing stack and bridge updates for even better network throughput performance, native ZFS disk encryption, as well as LLVM and Linuxulator improvements. You can read the full release notes on the FreeBSD website.

FreeBSD is a compelling OS to check out, especially for Linux users who are looking to upskill and add new capabilities to their cloud infrastructure. FreeBSD’s jails are a lightweight and elegant container solution. OpenZFS is the world’s most trustworthy file system with a simple interface, enterprise-grade features, and deep FreeBSD toolchain integration. Linux users should feel right at home at the FreeBSD console, and with its pkg(8) package manager.

FreeBSD is functionally supported on the OrionVM cloud platform the same as Linux VMs, with live attach/detach of network interfaces, IP addresses, and SSH keys. The template is configured with OpenZFS by default, allowing for flexible disk resizes.

Spin one up and console in to try!