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A primer on our performance tiers and allocation

Anyone who has dealt with hypervisors at scale know all too well the challenges that come with effective resource allocation. How do you make the most efficient use of memory and CPU? How do you not burn one or the other when you’ve allocated all that’s available? This post explores how OrionVM tackles these issues, […]

Launching a new PoP in Brisbane, Australia

Sydney and Brisbane, Australia – Polaris Data Centre, Queensland’s largest Australian owned data centre facility, and OrionVM®, an award-winning Australian pioneer in cloud infrastructure and storage technologies, announced today a strategic partnership to co-launch a Queensland based cloud solution powered by OrionVM’s Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) offering.

Edge Computing and the Cloud Offer Local Benefits in Telecom and Beyond

OrionVM’s position as a cloud architecture innovator and broader technology partner ecosystem offers us unique insights into the attitudes and trends shaping cloud infrastructure. We recognize that we are part of a growing community of innovators and we welcome the opportunity to glean further insights into all the many industries that cloud touches. At the […]

MicroPoPs, and bringing our cloud to your premises

This month’s post is about our new technical offerings, but is also an opportunity to discuss some industry trends and where we see some opportunities and demand for cloud in the coming year. Despite booming infrastructure and cloud spend, smaller data centre operators across every vertical continue to feel the pinch. Established clients have been […]

Windows Server 2022 available as a template

OrionVM continues to see huge demand for remote and work-from-home solutions that perform well, are cost-effective, and implement best security practices. We’ve been at the forefront of this with our partnerships with WatchGuard for their virtual UTM security appliance, Parallels for their remote application server (RAS) product, and our own Backup as a Service platform. […]

Technical workshop: High-Availability Groups

The OrionVM platform portal was designed to make provisioning cloud infrastructure as simple as possible by mimicking a traditional hypervisor environment, in lieu of the commonplace cornucopia of complicated, confusing cloud computing. If only OrionVM paid me extra for alliteration. Today we’re exploring node isolation and High-Availability Groups, an example of a platform feature that […]