OrionVM and BluLogix Strengthen Channel Offering with Unique Technology Partnership

IaaS and PaaS platform innovators together enable clients to easily brand, deploy, and bill for their own suite of enterprise cloud solutions

San Francisco, CA and Channel Partners Conference (Las Vegas, NV)—March 16, 2016—OrionVM, an award-winning white-label wholesale Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, and BluLogix, a leading cloud services marketplace provider, today announced a technology partnership for the channel partner community at Channel Partners Conference & Expo 2016, taking place March 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV. The one-of-a-kind union enables clients to quickly brand and launch high-performing public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions with the ability to easily package and bill those products.

This unique and symbiotic relationship represents the best of both worlds for users. Using these platforms, resellers can capitalize on OrionVM’s disruptive wholesale business model and next-gen hyperconverged architecture to resell cloud capacity (compute, storage and networking) significantly below AWS rates – all for no upfront cost and either pay-as-you-go or an annual contract. In addition, they can rely on BluLogix’s award-winning Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for accurate service measuring, tracking, pricing and billing. The combination enables resellers to effectively maintain backend billing processes such as order to activation, invoicing and time to market—improving revenue assurance, cost reconciliation, predictive revenue and overall cash flow.

“BluLogix is proud to partner with OrionVM, a trusted and reputable wholesale IaaS provider,” said Tim Cook, CEO at BluLogix. “This partnership represents massive opportunity and profitability for the channel. Together, we look forward to transforming operations for resellers, enabling them to see higher profits and better compete in today’s dynamic market.”

“Solution providers are frustrated with the cost and operational barriers to building their own cloud,” said Sheng Yeo, OrionVM Co-Founder and CEO. “We understand those challenges and are excited about the business outcomes and market opportunity collaborating with BluLogix creates for solution providers. Our integrated services do the heavy lifting around the complicated task of managing and billing a scalable suite of premium cloud services. Now partners can focus on core competencies and value adds with the confidence they can deliver the competitive pricing and the enterprise-class performance their end-users demand.”

One company already taking advantage of the combined approach is CloudCo Partner, Inc., a leading U.S. based 3CX hosting partner and channel provider that empowers its partners to easily and profitably resell a variety of industry-best cloud services through a proprietary consolidated services portal. CloudCo provides its partners with dedicated customer service, an innovative managed services portal, higher commission rates than industry standards and a variety of other benefits all designed to eliminate the hassle and headache of reselling cloud services so a partner can focus on sales rather than support and troubleshooting.

“We have searched tirelessly and no other cloud vendor had the combination of features, support and a business model that fit our unique requirements – right out of the box. OrionVM and BluLogix provide us a complete solution that gives us the flexibility, performance and margins needed to efficiently launch our products and services and pass all that value along to our ecosystem of channel partners. This is going to allow our channel partners to grow their sales rapidly by removing the roadblocks of billing and infrastructure so they can in turn put more focus on their customer and revenue development,” said Mike Evanisko, CTO, CloudCo.

OrionVM is a member of the AT&T Partner Exchange® reseller program, allowing them to also bundle their offerings with AT&T’s highly secure, reliable and scalable network solutions.

To learn more about BluLogix, click here to schedule a free demo of the company’s award-winning cloud billing platform. CEO Tim Cook is also serving as a featured panelist at Channel Partners 2016 during “The Power of Enablement Partners,” taking place Wednesday, March 16 at 2:00 PM.

For more information on OrionVM or to schedule a free demo, click here or visit their online press kit. Follow OrionVM on Twitter (@orionvm) and Facebook (

About BluLogix

BluLogix service marketplace “enables the provider / reseller channel” by connecting the catalogs, processes, billing and analytics, of hundreds technology providers, to thousands of resellers, on a common platform enabling them to deliver complex technology solutions that would, otherwise, not be available to business consumers. BluLogix empowers the reseller to provide these solutions, delivered as-a-service, in their own autonomous service marketplace, creating “brand value” that would otherwise not exist without BluLogix. For more information, visit or email

About OrionVM

OrionVM is a wholesale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. The company’s revolutionary technology suite (virtual storage, compute, orchestration and virtual networking) enables the delivery of high-performing, highly resilient cloud solutions at market-leading price-to-performance ratios. The OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform supports private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments and is built either for internal consumption or resale. A fully distributed hyperconverged architecture reduces the datacenter footprint (power/hardware) by 50%+ and allows clients to sell cloud services below AWS rates while still generating significant profit. Partners have full control – from a complete white-label rebrand to billing integration and flexible account management. OrionVM’s technical vision represents a fundamental advancement for Cloud 2.0 infrastructure, which inspired tech luminary, Gordon Bell, to become a company angel investor. Global customers include tier-1 telcos, publicly listed SaaS companies, and government agencies. OrionVM was recently named by The Channel Company’s CRN as one of the Top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2015. OrionVM company headquarters are in Sydney Australia and in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information, please visit or follow the conversation on Twitter @orionvm.

About CloudCo Partner, Inc

CloudCo empowers it’s channel partners to easily and profitably resell a variety of cloud services through its innovative Cloud Services Distribution (CSD) platform. CloudCo is a channel focused company and is driven by the success of its partners and offers commissions and recurring revenue on all of the products sold through its system which is paid directly to the partner. By removing the pain points of multiple bills, varying services, taxes, customer support and interoperability problems our partners can focus on sales and their own customers experiences. With CloudCo you get one consolidated cloud experience so you can focus on your customers’ needs and turn their needs into a recurring profit center for your business. For more information please visit


Daniel Pfeiffer

VP Marketing & Partnerships, OrionVM

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Channel Partners buzz: security, cloud education and wholesale cloud

The team is back from Las Vegas from the annual Channel Partners Conference and our heads are spinning with ideas from all of the great discussions we had with service providers and colleagues.

channelpartnersmarch2015_shengDuring our panel session, on the exhibit floor, and during show related events we heard a lot of chatter about various cloud related topics. Here are just a few of our takeaways from the event:

  • Security and compliance are still top concerns – during our panel session Moving Clients’ Apps to the Cloud at the Channel Partners Conference, security and compliance were hot topics. There is still a lot of apprehension when it comes to the cloud, but it becomes apparent that we need to look at both the application and infrastructure layers individually to determine the proper division of responsibility. In our recent blogpost we discussed security and the misguided notion that on-premise solutions are inherently safer. The bottom line: the cloud is a secure place to be, it really is just a matter of looking at the whole picture and understanding how your stack is built to effectively address vulnerabilities and implement an ongoing strategy that will keep data safe.
  • White label wholesale cloud is a game-changer for channel partners – after numerous demos and discussions of our wholesale cloud platform and the benefits our ground-breaking Cloud 2.0 architecture engender, it was clear that many attendees were unaware that an option like OrionVM even existed. This exemplifies how service providers today really are trapped between the cost and complexity of either building their own cloud (typically via legacy stacks e.g. VMware, Cisco, EMC etc.) or resigning themselves to using a public retailer like AWS. A light bulb literally goes off when they realize they can have the advantages of both approaches, minus any of their drawbacks. Wholesale white label cloud continues to garner traction amongst telcos, MSPs, SIs, and VARs alike as these clients discover the ease and speed at which they can brand and deploy their own Private, Public and Hybrid cloud solutions. No other CSP at the expo offered an out-of-the-box, turnkey platform like OrionVM, making us a unique opportunity for the channel to truly differentiate and gain a competitive advantage in the market.
  • The need for education around cloud innovation – cloud is still a relatively new concept for a wide range of service providers previously focused on selling hardware, colocation, or telecom products. We are seeing a huge need for education on emerging tech, data center advancements, and recent cloud innovations. Other companies, along with OrionVM, represent an IT transformation that can liberate from legacy approaches as the brave new world of cloud is cluttered with spin, hype, and a complex array of vendors and services.  In the spirit of this IT transformation, we attended the very cool Renegade Trust launch party during the conference, and are excited to collaborate/participate with this consortium in the future to help educate the market and evangelize some of the new tools and technologies now available. The current cloud ecosystem is populated by many who are unaware of the cost-savings and options now possible, or still simply view the industry through the biased lens of a particular vendor, agent, or outdated infrastructure allegiance. Whether someone uses OrionVM or not, it really all is about building community and helping peers and colleagues make better informed purchasing decisions that best match their specific requirements.

Did we miss you at the show? No worries, our expo special promo is still available to eligible channel partners until June 30th, 2015. Find out more here.

The OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform gives any service provider a tremendous opportunity to quickly and profitably deliver enterprise-grade cloud services for their users and organizations.

Gearing up for the Channel Partners Conference 2015

channelpartnersIt’s that time of year again when the channel partner community descends upon Las Vegas for the Channel Partner Conference hosted by Channel Partners. OrionVM is proudly participating as an exhibitor (booth #346) and as a speaker.

Our Co-Founder and CEO Sheng Yeo will be speaking on Monday at the session “Moving Clients’ Apps to the Cloud: Evaluating Cost vs. Value” on Monday, March 16, 2015, 10:45 am to 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time, Location: Lower Level Islander I. The session description: There are a lot of reasons to talk with clients about putting their business apps in the cloud. For starters, the capital investment is lower and a smaller staff is required. But customers’ resistance remains. One reason: Customers don’t see the value in making a switch. In this session, learn how to spot which apps are prime for a transition to cloud and discover how to perform a cost analysis that will turn cloud skeptics into buyers. One lucky attendee of our scheduled speaking session on Monday will win a Fitbit as a door prize, provided by OrionVM.

During the show March 16-18, 2015 we are excited to offer a giveaway and a promotion during the show as follows:

Prize Giveaway

One lucky attendee of our scheduled speaking session on Monday will win a Fitbit as a door prize, provided by OrionVM. Join the Session “Moving Clients’ Apps to the Cloud: Evaluating Cost vs. Value” on Monday, March 16, 2015, 10:45 am to 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time, Location: Lower Level Islander I. Simply attend the session on Monday for a chance to win the door prize.

Channel Partners 2015 Expo Promotion

OrionVM is offering a Channel Partners 2015 Special: Automatic Gold Partner status with a guaranteed 25% margin providing on demand resources (compute, storage, networking) at AWS reserved instance rates + a limited time 5% cash back on all charges.

All channel partners who sign up and join our network as a result of the show will be eligible for this limited time promotion. Simply register here online to become an OrionVM Channel Partner to take advantage of this offer before June 30th 2015. Or stop by our booth #346 during the show next week to learn more.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas next week and if not, drop us a line we’d love to hear from our valued channel partners!

Wholesale cloud capitalizes on 3 exploding global ICT trends

Welcome to the OrionVM Blog! Top 5 Lessons about Next-Gen IaaS and Wholesale Cloud

The launch of our OrionVM blog comes with auspicious timing, given the recent 25th birthday of the internet. We look to become a meaningful voice for a new generation of cloud technologies that will shape the next 25 years by redefining how and by whom enterprise ICT is managed and deployed.  We have discovered a few things about the industry since our inception in 2010. Read on for the top 5 lessons about next-gen IaaS and wholesale cloud computing that we have learned.

OrionVM’s message is a message of simplicity, innovation, and above all… possibilities; the business agility and profitability made possible when freed from traditional IT approaches to seize upon the many benefits of disruptive innovation. Engineering breakthroughs have enabled a whole new era of efficiency, flexibility, and performance for deploying cloud computing infrastructure. You need to ask yourself, do your technology partners fully leverage these innovations (is it in their DNA?) or do they ultimately have a legacy business to protect? As Larry Dignan states:

“Cloud-first players don’t have legacy businesses to protect. And cloud-first players don’t have sales commission models that will favor big licensing and maintenance deals over recurring revenue subscription models.”

We have ambitious plans for 2014 as we evangelize Cloud 2.0 and the wholesale business model that will enable a growing audience of integrators, VARs and IT solution providers to easily gain a cloud competency and successfully bring clients to market. High performing, premium cloud services – at wholesale prices, are the dream that OrionVM delivers. As Australia’s largest wholesale cloud provider, and now also in the US with the launch of our San Francisco office,  we have learned a few lessons and identified some key trends that you may find useful to consider:

“Global spending on cloud infrastructure to reach $285 Billion by 2017.”– HIS Tech, Feb. 2014

OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Venn

OrionVM’s wholesale cloud IaaS platform capitalizes on three exploding and disruptive global ICT trends

Top 5 Lessons about Next-Gen IaaS and Wholesale Cloud Computing:

  1. Not a commodity – selecting a CSP is strategic.  All clouds are not created equal. Your vendor selections engender many consequences in terms of features, flexibility, and hidden costs that you are wedded to for the duration of the relationship (sometimes longer). You must choose wisely.
  2. The current cloud incumbents have it all wrong — There are some fundamental limitations to how traditional cloud architecture is built. We will talk about the heart of the matter: the problems with 3 tier architectures and the corresponding cost of goods sold (COGS). Stay tuned.
  3. Margins do exist for IaaS resellers and channel partners. Despite what some analysts and CMOs might have you think, the dawn of Cloud 2.0 also brings great opportunity for the channel.
  4. A new approach to infrastructure might be exactly what your business needs.  In the words of Constellation Research, “As with all disruptive technologies, start with the business model, hone in on the business value, then chose the right technology”.
  5. The rise of IT brokers and how channel can challenge the enterprise. A new segment of providers is growing to meet the exploding demand for cloud, and their customers are wary of managing data centers, million dollar infrastructure investments, or worrying if a production environment can reliably scale to support high-traffic, mission-critical workloads.

Follow this blog frequently for relevant discussions and fresh perspectives about the emerging cloud ecosystem. You will gain technical deep dives from experts who are building platforms and tools that make the brave new world of Cloud 2.0 possible. Our mission is to help you better grow your business by making more informed IT decisions. We look to cut through the noise and ever-present “cloud-washing” that too often frame the cloud conversation. We will challenge the biases, agendas, and vested interests of incumbents (as well as our own) to offer real insight and a compelling dialogue to the booming industry of next generation cloud computing infrastructure.