Reading OrionVM and other news with RSS

Have you ever wanted to keep track of all your news sites, blogs, events, errata notices, and announcements, all from the one place? Really Simple Syndication lets you do that, and you can even self-host an RSS reader on OrionVM.

RSS and Atom first came to prominence in the 2000s, and have remained the easiest way to curate a collection of your own subscriptions. RSS is also the underlying tech of podcasting, with which you might be familiar.

OrionVM maintains several RSS feeds, and is looking at expanding to more:

Many different tools exist for subscribing to RSS feeds. The Thunderbird desktop mail client is one of the simplest ones to get started, because you might already have it running on your machine.

You can also host an RSS reader on a server, for access later on your phone, tablet, or other secondary machine. TinyTinyRSS and FreshRSS are both PHP-powered RSS readers that can be installed on a 512 MiB virtual machine on the OrionVM platform. There’s also a Nextcloud plugin available.