Developers perspective on Industry Trends

Famed Q&A site Stack Overflow have run their annual developer survey again, asking the industry about the technology they use, their job prospects, and other trends in the industry. Feedback from past years lead to a briefer survey that was easier to complete, but it still covered a broad range of topics.

The answers have yet to be aggregated and published, but we find these surveys fascinating for the substance of *what* they ask as much as how people responded. Most of the questions are formed as multiple choice, which provide hints as to what had mind-share over the last twelve months.

From a wholesale cloud perspective, there were a few intriguing questions about platforms and use of specific technologies. The public cloud incumbents got mentions alongside projects such as the Raspberry Pi, with other KVM-based clouds featured in past years falling by the wayside. The industry is not as done-and-dusted as perhaps people think.

The increased use of containers also garnered a question, with Docker and Open Container Initiative receiving mentions, though interestingly not rkt or FreeBSD Jails. And the miscellaneous tech section still showed a keen interest in automation systems such as Ansible and Puppet; both of which we’ve continued to see increased interest in at OrionVM.

We’ll be keen to see how the industry responds to this, and how it compares to last year. Read the article…