OrionVM IaaS Helps Data Centers Forge New Path to the Cloud

New MicroPoP offering provides quick and competitive entry into the cloud market 

OrionVM®, an award-winning next-gen Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, announced today the continued growth of the OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform with the addition of Micro Point of Presence (PoP) offerings, or MicroPoPs. Data centers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and hosting providers can now quickly launch their own cloud offering closer to their customers, benefitting both the provider and their customer base with the technical and price advantages of OrionVM’s revolutionary IaaS stack. 

OrionVM’s MicoPoPs are a unique offering that straddles the space between bare metal and managed virtualized instances to offer the market something entirely new. A MicroPoP can be installed within a quarter rack, thereby reducing the starting footprint and risks associated with new deployments. Data centers, ISPs and hosting providers can now deliver productized cloud solutions and resell premium cloud services to their existing client base, under their own company name and in regions previously unserved or ignored by current cloud providers. This rapid time-to-market is especially vital during the current pandemic and the increasing demand for remote workforces that require hosted desktops, distributed applications, and remote security. 

“Our new MicroPoP offering gives data centers their own branded cloud services,” said OrionVM COO and VP Partnerships Daniel Pfeiffer. “Previously they could either stand by and lose clients to the public clouds, or try to buy and build their own, which entails high CapEx investments and a wide range of technical complexities. Our technology removes the onerous costs and support overhead of buying hardware and having to build and manage cloud infrastructure. We do this and also give partners a full channel cloud ecosystem, from the bottom of the stack all the way to providing a suite of productized cloud services such as Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS). Data centers can now diversify from the commodity sale of power, space and cooling, to become a true cloud player with a wholesale business model and set of networking and product advantages the incumbent cloud vendors cannot match.” 

A recent Network World article, and research by Synergy Research Group, highlighted that enterprise technology has crossed a significant line this decade, marking the first time more has been spent annually on cloud infrastructure than on data center hardware and software. This is due in part to the perceived simplicity of buying cloud services with the incumbent public cloud vendors over maintaining hardware in a data center and paying for operational IT staff. However, the larger cloud providers can still be expensive, and their overly complex tiered-pricing model and hidden charges can significantly hamper sustainable growth.

Cloud migration is expected to continue picking up speed. Research provider Omdia reported that workload migration from on-prem enterprise data centers will find a balance by as early as 2024. Nearly twenty five percent of enterprise computing capacity is estimated to remain on-premises within existing data centers, with the remainder met by cloud providers. This trend unlocks the potential for future hybrid cloud systems with providers that make network interconnects cost-effective and simple.

Prior to OrionVM’s offering data centers could launch their own cloud services through public clouds, which has proved problematic due to vendor lock-in and the poor economics of the business case associated with those limitations. The alternative was hyperconverged appliance vendors that require expensive hardware, steep upfront work and internal expertise for ongoing maintenance. They also do not offer a white-labeled, multi-tiered platform with a suite of productized cloud solutions such as Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). OrionVM offers these services “out of the box”.

Data3 (https://www.datathree.com/), who hosts multiple data centers in Oklahoma, has partnered with OrionVM to launch their cloud offering. Data3 will be delivering next-gen cloud to the U.S. Midwest, enabling regional IT providers and businesses to quickly gain a competitive advantage in monetizing and delivering their own cloud solutions.  

“We are thrilled to be partnering with OrionVM and bring our solution to market in time to meet the urgent need of applications enabling the remote workforce. Next-gen cloud, regionally deployed by a trusted and longtime company like D3, will be a game changer for a lot of IT service providers looking to gain their own identity and differentiation in deploying premium cloud solutions,” said David Harrelson, COO and VP of Data3 Corporation. 

Partners can now leverage the entire suite of cloud infrastructure products available to them when they deploy an OrionVM MicroPoP. The starting components of a MicroPoP include IaaS building blocks (virtual compute, virtual block storage, and virtual networking). An a la carte business model lets partners pick and choose which products and services to launch with, and subsequently those that can be added later as their business scales and grows. Additional deployment options include:

  • Object Storage Cluster – S3 compatible object storage is an ultra-cost effective way to store large amounts of data without worrying about scaling file systems, especially for backups and infrequent usage. 
  • Private Cloud – The ability to use Layer 2 networking makes it easy and cost effective to run a secure, private network link to the cloud. OrionVM is network agnostic and can connect with all telcos for links.
  • Bare Metal as a Service – MicroPoPs have the ability to run a bare metal stack and still have the burst-ability to the cloud, all through the same web panel and orchestration. 
  • GPUs as a Service – MicroPoPs can host a wide variety of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in the cloud, either directly on dedicated hardware, or passed through to a virtual machine.

The ability to sell cloud solutions from the onset sets up the data center or MSP to hit the ground running with a portfolio of competitive cloud services, in regions previously unserved by enterprise grade clouds. DaaS is a perfect example; OrionVM recently partnered with Parallels® to offer partners the Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS), an all-in-one virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution that delivers applications and virtual desktops to any device, anytime, anywhere. OrionVM’s next-gen cloud is the ideal hosting platform that allows channel partners to easily deploy turnkey DaaS environments with unique cost-savings and technical advantages. With pricing as low as 20 dollars per user, MSPs and IT resellers can now quickly gain a competitive advantage in servicing remote workforces for businesses large and small. All in an environment that offers more flexibility, visibility, and control than other hosted desktop providers.

For more information on OrionVM and to register for upcoming webinars, please visit https://www.orionvm.com/MicroPoP. For a complete list of OrionVM data center locations in Australia and the United States, please visit the company’s website here. Follow OrionVM on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/orionvm), Twitter (@orionvm) and Facebook (https://facebook.com/orionvm).

About OrionVM:

OrionVM has developed a proprietary suite of cloud infrastructure “building blocks” that form a new blueprint for the delivery and monetization of cloud-based technology solutions. The core architecture for these building blocks, categorized as Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”), has already been used in many industries, with proven traction from leading managed services providers (MSPs), tier 1 telcos and Fortune 500 companies. OrionVM’s purpose-built stack uses InfiniBand and is benchmarked to outperform the incumbent clouds, at a lower price point due to the extreme efficiency and reduced cost of goods sold. Self-service web portals allow clients to quickly launch their own enterprise-grade cloud services with zero capital expenditure. Partners have full control – from a complete white-label re-brand, to billing integration and flexible account management. OrionVM’s wholesale business model combined with their groundbreaking cloud technology innovation represents a tremendous opportunity for MSPs, SIs, and VARs to instantly gain a competitive advantage when deploying a wide variety of cloud solutions. Resellers can reduce costs while building their own cloud products with effective competitive differentiation — all under their own branding and control. The OrionVM technology also uniquely supports the deployment of highly-customized private cloud solutions as well as the ‘cloudification’ of existing IT businesses (moving from legacy hardware models to cloud-first “as-a-service” environments). More information can be found at http://orionvm.com

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